U-Grow has been Birthed and developed out off “Elim Christian Centre”.

We provide a safe environment at our community vegetable allotment project, where people can take part in a Learning Space to grow and learn hands-on skills, regardless of age and ability, from “seed to plate.”

Members can adopt a “veg-bed”, sizes from 1.5m x 6m to 1.5m x 1.5m, to plant and grow your own without the full responsibilities of a full allotment.

We believe U-Grow has a positive impact on a persons physical, mental and emotional well-being and brings people together from all walks of life to interact through working and sharing with one another and growing each others skill set.

Our mission is to bring the community together, which in turn will change attitudes for the better and help to build meaningful and stronger communities, making our neighbourhood a better place to live, also to allow families to spend quality time together in a calming, peacefully environment, being close to nature and seeing the power of the seasons, we believe allotments play a unique role in our communities across the nation and have done so for many years.

Here at U-Grow we are always on the lookout for donations and volunteers to join our core team, its essential to U-Grow and our mission is create and cultivate a healthy and connected community. If you’re interested in learning in U-Growseed to plate project” please contact us at hello@elimswanley.org.

Our Mission

1 – Understanding nature
2 – Educational workshops
3 – Social gatherings
4 – Learning how to grow your own vegetables
5 – Healthy Eating and Cooking sessions
6 – Relationship skills
7 – family days