Here are some short prayers that may help you.

Before reading the Bible.

My God and savour please help me to read and understand your word, please open my heart to receive it, my eyes to see it, my ears to hear it, please God I ask the Holy spirit to guide me in the in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen

In search of faith

I pray lord that as i look for answers to this life you will here my call and fill me with the faith to follow Jesus Christ as my Lord and King. Amen

Seeking guidance

Lord I look to you for the guidance i need for my life and my family in this situation, and I pray the you will show me clearly the way forward in Jesus name. Amen


Lord give me confidence to step out in faith in all areas of my as i trust in you as I learn to walk by faith and not sight, i have confident of this in Jesus Name. Amen

When needing comfort

I need comfort in my life Lord also peace for my heart and my mind thank you for removing all the stress, worry from me, as I pray for comfort i thank you for hearing my pray. Amen


Lord I thank you for healing me in Jesus Name, all pain is gone my body is well and I trust in you for completeness, I am confident in your Word, all Glory and Honour to my God and King. Amen


In the name above all names, I thank you for my family that you will protect them guide them save them, fill them with the Holy Spirit, bless the work of there hands in Jesus name. Amen


Lord I ask you and I thank you for Blessing my marriage in Jesus name , that you will guide us both though this life, that we will grow in love, strength peace and joy in Jesus Holy Name. Amen


Help me in the work place to be slat and light for your Glory, Bless my work colleagues and let our place of work be a Holy place, full of peace, joy, harmony, divine Favour, thank you for prospering our place of work in the Name of Jesus. Amen


Lord I thank you that I am Blessed in all areas of my Life, I walk in your Word, I live by Faith, I am filled with your Glory, and I am a disciple of Christ so I can only be Blessed in Jesus Name, thank you for the power of you word in my life. Amen


Lord help me in the time of weakness, strengthen me guide me from what the world may be offering, let your word guard me, show me the way out of this situation though the power of the Holy Spirit working in me, Blessed be your Name. Amen