Person: Give thanks for Pastor Boutros and the church caring for 3,180 families! Pray for strength and energy to continue this vita work.

Country: Pray for an end to civil war.

North Korea

Person: Give thanks for Sun-Hi and those who work with North Korean refugees. Ask that God would uphold her and protect her and the refugees from the North Korean authorities.

Country: Pray for many child orphans. Pray that Father God will provide for them, care, love and protection.


Person: Faddish Fathi ( who was arrested for illegally distributing Bibles) pray that the Lord will protect him and he will be a bold witness as he shares his cell with hardened criminals and drug addicts.

Country: Pray for the many other Christians who are in prison for their faith. Pray for their release. Give thanks that Pastor Matthiasa Haghnejad has been released.


Person: Asiya Nasir (Member of national assembly. She is an out spoken Christian MP) for protection for her and her family.

Country: Pray that those who kill Christians will be brought to justice.


Person: Pastor Zang Shojie and Nanle County Christian Church ( Pastor Zang is serving a 12 year prison sentence for petitioning the authorities about land for the church. He was charged with gathering a crowd to disturb public order.) Pray for God to help him in this time and the church members who are still being harassed by the Henan Province authorities.

Country: Pray for other church leaders in prison.


Thank God for brothers and sisters working together in South Sudan who helped Eva set up her restaurant again after it was destroyed in the civil conflict. Pray for Eva as she tries to build her life again and sustain her family through this little outlet.

Country: Pray that Christians will continue to unite as they face pressure.


Person: Eritrean christians confined in containers and the refugees. Pray for their healing from torture and imprisonment. Give thanks for the Ebenezer foundational healing church in Kenya that supports them in the healing process.

Country: for the country and that the government and authorities will be brought to account for human rights atrocities against Christians by the UN.


Person: Daniel ( pastor in training) give thanks for his work with refugee families especially his work with the children. Country: pray for provision and healing for the refugees.

CAR (Central African Republic)

Person: Quanizolo Saint Jacob as he continues to recover from his injuries. That the Lord would heal his wounds give him comfort and help him to see a way forward for him and his family.

Country: Ask God to strengthen His church and use it to bring healing and hope.


Person: Damaris Atsen (widowed in 2010. Her husband was killed while helping a blind man home during anti- Christian riots) Help as she looks after her four children. Thank God that she is speaking out a message of forgiveness and helping other widows. Pray that Christians will resist the temptation to respond to attacks against them with violence.

Country: Pray for an end to the violence by Boko Haram.