Prayer focus for India

On Monday 28th we prayed for our brothers and sisters in India.
There has been an increase in persecution there since 2014 when BJP came into power. They have supported Hindu Nationalism and encouraged anxiety about the rise of other religions.

This has created a climate of aggression towards minorities, particularly Muslims, but they also target Christians too. Some states in India have adopted anti- conversion laws. They have put spies in churches to monitor Christian activity. Violent attacks are occurring frequently in the states where BJP rule.

In these states such Orrisa state, church buildings and believer’s homes are being destroyed, pastors and church members are been beaten and even killed. Converts from a Hindu background and non-traditional protestant groups suffer the most.

Prayer points (source Open Doors)

  • Protection of Christians who are becoming increasingly vulnerable to attacks and enforcement of re-conversions by Hindu radicals.
  • For wisdom for church leaders struggling to get permission to build a church. Pray for good legal advice.
  • Pray for the elimination of illiteracy and poverty for all, including the many Christians who are treated as second class citizens and subject to poverty by their own community.
  • Thank God for all the Christian literacy, livelihood and biblical training projects such as Open Doors, Barnabas Fund and others. Pray for their continuation and growth.

Special prayer requests from a Pastor in Mumbai:

  • Ask the Lord to provide help to rebuild communities devastated by persecution.
  • All charges of forced conversions against pastors and members of churches will be over turned.
  • In spite of anti- conversion laws Christians will find ways to reach out to their communities with the Love of Christ and Hindus will come to Jesus.
  • Thank God for the ‘Veil of tears’ ministry that saves women from abduction and sexual exploitation. May they have the resources, wisdom and guidance they need as they seek to help these women.