Monday 26th January 2015
Prayer Points for the Persecuted church
Mexico, Columbia and Cuba

Mexico source of persecution:

Across Mexico there is a rise in intolerance and violence towards Christians especially among the indigenous population.

Organised corruption/ secular intolerance: Drug and criminal gangs target churches as they support rehabilitation of drug addicts and alcoholics. Christians who refuse to pay drug cartels have had to close their churches or face attack and some have even been killed.

Tribal issues: In Southern Mexico people follow indigenous traditional laws and customs. Converts to Christianity stop following them and as a result their water and electricity supplies have been cut off, their children are blocked from attending local schools and many experience physical abuse and eviction from their homes and many more have to flee their homes.

Pray for

  • healing of Christians and church leaders who have experienced and suffered intense violence.
  • Grace and strength for Christians from the South who are excluded from basic social services because they don’t follow the cultural traditions.
  • Community leaders and government officials to intervene so that children’s right to education is upheld irrespective of belief.
  • Protection, for Church leaders and families from criminal gangs. Ask God to give them wisdom and discernment.
  • Pray for the criminal groups who attack churches. Pray they come to repentance and are born again.